The Hope of Childs Hill

Well-Being & Social Inclusion

The aim is to maintain a link with the local community and encourage local engagement and activities.

With the encouragement and enthusiasm of residents our priorities are geared towards increasing resilience and activities to deal with local Well-Being & Social Inclusion. Our aim is to facilitate participation and promote inclusion.

This was one of the key areas identified during our on-going discussions with local Childs Hill residents. Utilising our local assets and natural green environment (Childs Hill Park,Basing Hill Park, Elm Park & Clitterhouse Park) presents a fantastic opportunity to bring people together, create a better neighbourhood fostering a pursuit of fitness, happiness and social interactivity.

Our initiative will build healthy social networks by enhancing community engagement and improving physical, emotional, mental health and wellbeing in Childs Hill. As both the proportion of older people and the length of life increase in Childs Hill, key questions arise. Will resident aging be accompanied by a longer period of good health, a sustained sense of well-being, and extended periods of social engagement and productivity, or will it be associated with more illness, disability, and dependency?

Our Wellbeing project will assist in keeping older people healthy longer, delaying or avoiding disability and dependence. With motivated and engaged adolescent participation in the community engagement initiatives more inter-generational interaction will be fostered.


Free Cyle Hire Project

Thank you to all of the excellent designs we received for our logo competition.

We are pleased to show the winning entry of our logo competition.

The winning design was created by Maytal Braude, age 9.

THOCH trustees liked her simplicity  and reference to greenspace in the background. Maytal's design will be used for  the project activities which will be delivered from the container at Basing Hill Park

Maytal Braude won a £20.00 Hobby Craft gift voucher to be used to hone those skills  even further along with further encouragement from our digital designer and illustrator.

The Community

Let's Get Childs Hill Cycling..