The Hope of Childs Hill

The Hope of Childs Hill: A community initiative (not-for-profit organisation) incorporated to create transformational change, provide programs, offer services and engage in other activities that promote well-being and support community development in Childs Hill. Through the creation of partnerships, plans and facilitation of a wide range of community initiatives we aim to

strengthen the local area socially, economically and culturally creating a vibrant community.

Through various public and private partnerships, we engage in the formulation of strategy, participate in project development from conception through completion, strengthen workforce development, and hold various workshops and seminars.


Our engaging, fresh thinking team provides a best in class service for our community. We thrive on finding the best possible opportunities for our community.  Our founders and members have worked in various industries and each senior member of the team is a practitioner in their area of specialisation. Our staff are drawn from a variety of sectors: they have backgrounds in community engagement, law, economics, finance, technology, headhunting, journalism and finance. Uniting them is a common set of skills – attention to detail, the ability to master a brief, and an explicit focus on what is most relevant to our local community.

The Community